Working Holiday Visa

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Frequently Asked Questions

Working Holiday Visa Requirements for Canadian Citizens

For the purpose of promoting greater mutual understanding between Japan and Canada, the governments of these two countries agreed in 1986 to start a Working Holiday scheme to help encourage the exchange of young people. This program makes it possible for citizens of one country to enter the other primarily for a holiday over an extended period, and also to engage in employment as an incidental aspect of their trip in order to supplement their travel funds.

With this visa, Canadian citizens need not obtain further permission to engage in remunerative activities while in Japan, provided that these activities do not contravene the Japanese law regulating businesses offering food and entertainment as well as any other regulations in force which affect public order and good morals.

The Government of Japan, on a reciprocal basis, will issue, free of charge, a single entry visa for the Working Holiday to persons who satisfy each of the requirements outlined below:

The working holiday visa is not applicable to persons wishing to enter Japan to engage in full-time employment or to enroll in academic institutions.

Applicant Prerequisites

Procedure and Requirements for the Working Holiday Visa

Applicants are required to submit the following:

Application forms are also available at the Consular Section of the Embassy of Japan in Ottawa or one of the Consulate General of Japan offices located in Canada. For all papers to be submitted, please type or print legibly on letter-size paper. Write in black ink only, and do not use correcting fluid. (Should you make a mistake, strike it off and write above or next to it.) All submitted documents must be originals (copies will not be accepted.)

If you satisfy the requirements, you will be informed that your visa will be processed. Working Holiday Visas take at least one week to process. Applications submitted on short notice will not be accepted.

Application for the Working Holiday visa must be made at the diplomatic or one of the consular missions of the Government of Japan in Canada. Applicants will be interviewed, when necessary, by the representatives of such missions to determine their eligibility.

Please note that all of the above may be modified without prior notice.

Other Information

Additional information may be obtained from the Embassy of Japan in Ottawa and the Consulates General of Japan in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal.