Temporary Visits - Business Affairs (Participation in meetings (including academic conferences), business liaison/networking, business consultations, contract signing, after-sales service, market research, Cultural exchange, Sports exchange, etc.)

A short-term visa for people who wish to conduct business activities in Japan. Please find the list of the required documents below.

All submitted documents must be originals (copies will not be accepted unless stated otherwise below).

All documents written in a language other than English, French or Japanese must be accompanied by a translation in one of these languages.

WARNING: Be aware of fraudulent websites, social media, emails attempting to extract payments from visa applicants

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Application Form
  2. One photo (2 in × 2 in; Canadian passport size is also acceptable)
  3. A passport and a photocopy of this passport (with your personal information and picture)
  4. Proof of your status in Canada (the original of your Permanent Resident Card, Work Visa, Student's Visa, etc.) and a photocopy (both sides) of the same document
  5. Confirmation of your airline tickets' reservations or flight itinerary
  6. Valid entry visa for the country of destination after leaving Japan
  7. Confirmation of your hotel's reservation
  8. Your most recent bank statement(s) (to prove your financial stability)
  9. Certificate of employment and a letter from the company confirming the employee's trip abroad
    Certificate of registration at an academic institution and a letter from a person in charge (a thesis supervisor, etc.) confirming the trip.
  10. If the applicant is a minor (under 18 years of age), a letter of consent signed by both parents or legal guardians. Please include the photocopy of each parent or guardian's proof of ID with photo and signature (passport, driver's licence, etc.)
  11. Documents to be prepared by the party living in Japan:
    1. Letter of reason for invitation (English / Japanese
    2. Letter of Guarantee (English / Japanese)
    3. Schedule of Stay (English / Japanese) (Sample)
    4. Certified copy of the host company's Incorporation Register (Hōjin tōkibō tōhon) or an Overview of Company/Organization (English / Japanese)

Important notes