Conferment of the Order of the Rising Sun onto Mr. Tsuyoshi Terry Yasunaka (April 29, 2023)


On April 29, 2023, the Government of Japan announced the recipients of the 2023 Spring Conferment of Decorations onto Foreign Nationals.

The Consulate General of Japan in Montreal is pleased to announce that Mr. Tsuyoshi Terry Yasunaka, former President of the Japanese-Canadian Cultural Centre of Montreal (JCCCM) and one of the founding members and former representative of Arashi Daiko, was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays for his contribution to the improvement of the welfare of the Japanese community in Canada and the friendship between Japan and Canada.

The Order of the Rising Sun, established in 1875, is Japan’s oldest awards system. Its different classes of decoration are awarded to individuals, both Japanese and non-Japanese nationals, in recognition of their distinguished accomplishments.

Through the different roles he occupied within the JCCCM, including that of president for many years, Mr. Yasunaka devoted time and every effort to fostering the development and welfare of the local Japanese Canadian community, and promoting Japanese culture, thus assisting the centre’s growth. Moreover, he also made significant contributions to the deepening of the local population’s interest and understanding of traditional Japanese culture as one of the founding members and representative of the Japanese drum group Arashi Daiko.

Conferment of Decorations on Foreign Nationals